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The derailment of the hyped newer, safer oil tank cars that exploded and burned in West Virginia, with 2400 people evacuated from their homes and a house destroyed is proof there are no safe oil tank cars for Bakken crude [“Legislature must prevent an oil-train accident in Wash.,” Opinion, Feb. 21].

And the explosive derailment in Ontario, Canada, adds to the number of explosive oil-train derailments that have happened in the last few years. A town was destroyed in Lac-M├ęgantic, Quebec, killing 47 people; in Casselton, N.D., with the evacuation of 2300 residents as well as explosions in Lynchburg, Va., and Aliceville, Ala. The railroad companies say their safety record is good, but the explosions continue.

Last year a derailment at low speeds under the Magnolia bridge did not result in fire nor explosion, but it brings home the risk to our cities. Imagine the devastation with an oil train derailment and explosion in Seattle, Edmonds, Everett, Marysville and other towns and the risk to our firefighters.

Are profits more important than our lives, property and Northwest iconic beauty?

Dennis and Lorna Lowenthal, Edmonds