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Kudos for the editorial regarding the placement of fences to prevent illegal camping.

Most citizens of Seattle are compassionate, caring individuals who genuinely want to help those in need. Unfortunately, Seattle City Council member Mike O’Brien and others have confused leniency with compassion. There is nothing helpful in allowing individuals to live under the Ballard Bridge with their shopping carts, stolen bicycles and garbage.

There is another problem with allowing people to choose this lifestyle: Other people call Seattle home and contribute in a meaningful way to their community. Why should our taxpaying, hardworking citizens be required to put up with this mess? Why should we be required to look out for needles and human waste?

If I were to park my car on the sidewalk under the Alaskan Way Viaduct, it would be towed. However, the city seems to have no problem with campers blocking the same sidewalk for as long as they like.

Public patience is wearing thin. It is time to stop illegal camping and clean up our beautiful city.

David Warth, Seattle