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While wireless companies appreciate The Seattle Times drawing much-needed attention to the spectrum auction, there were several key facts overlooked [“The FCC could rob Peter to pay Paul,” Opinion, April 26].

First, the FCC is proposing to give Peter and Paul something that they both want. It is offering to pay Peter for some of its spectrum, thanks to Paul — the wireless carriers — so that Americans’ demand for mobile is met.

As wireless usage continues to increase, the benefits of mobile technologies in health care to education to transportation, which embody convenience and bolster economic growth, are clear. And as Americans continue to benefit from these new uses, more spectrum is vital to fuel our mobile-connected lives.

The FCC, as The Times suggests, has been meeting with broadcasters to discuss solutions, including an option for them to remain on the air even if they sell spectrum. This process is rare, yet exemplifies effective government — to solve problems while creating opportunity for wireless carriers and TV broadcasters to prosper.

Scott Bergmann, vice president of regulatory affairs, CTIA—The Wireless Association, Washington, D.C.