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It would probably be acceptable for most teachers to let their coworkers not pay for union support, if they were willing to do without the same contract ascertained by those who contributed [“Teachers should have the right to opt out of union fees,” Opinion, ].

If those that do not wish to contribute to the negotiation costs are willing to stay at whatever contract they entered the profession with, and receive no further negotiated benefits, no problem.

Disruptive strikes are like the cafe sit-ins and civil-rights marches that I remember well.  They are about the only way any disenfranchised people can get the public’s attention.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. probably heard the same words when he demanded equal rights: Please stay in your place; be walked on; don’t fight against injustice; just shut up and take it.

Or, in the case of these teachers who don’t want to contribute, let someone else do all the heavy lifting, pay the price and they will simply coast along on their shirt tails, getting the benefits for free. I doubt those who refuse to contribute would be willing to do without the benefits that many of us worked so hard to procure.

Eugene Ray Clegg, Enumclaw