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The revenue-neutral carbon fee initiative (I-732) will go before the state Legislature this month.  As reporter Jim Brunner notes, our legislators can “enact the measures into law, allow them to go to the 2016 ballot or send them to the ballot alongside an alternative proposal.” [“Backers of initiatives say they’ve got enough signatures for ballot,” Local News, Dec. 30]

Conservatives, who favor a revenue-neutral carbon fee as opposed to a complex government-run cap-and-trade system, can now join with other legislators in a bipartisan effort to begin to reduce our state’s carbon emissions. Admittedly, Washington contributes only about 2% of total U.S. carbon emissions and roughly 0.3 percent of the world total. But all states and nations must cut carbon emissions and now is our chance to lead.

Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center has written: “With a stable carbon price, applied to carbon-emitting energy and fuel, and tax cuts on families and job creation, Washington can immediately and effectively reduce CO2 emissions. A stable carbon price gives control to decision-makers — individuals and businesses — who know best how to conserve energy in their lives. … Tax cuts on innovation energize Washington’s creative, technology economy.”

Myers and other prominent conservative voices can encourage conservative legislators to grab this opportunity for responsible environmental leadership: more clean energy innovation, more clean energy jobs, and less pollution with less risk of climate chaos for our children.

James Little, Seattle