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Re: “Sound Transit is taking a $300 million gamble on a new I-405 bus station in Kirkland”:

The article states, “There’s nowhere for people to catch the bus in a 5-mile gap between Totem Lake and downtown Bellevue.” And, David Baker, mayor of Kenmore, says, “You’ve got to have a stop to serve Kirkland. I don’t know where else you would have it.”

The existing Houghton park-and-ride station is underutilized. There are almost always plenty of parking spaces available. Transit can easily access I-405 from Houghton. Reinstate Metro bus Route 265, which connected Kirkland with downtown Seattle along Northeast 70th Street during peak hours. That route was eliminated during Metro service cutbacks in the economic downturn.

Using the existing infrastructure and restoring the 265 won’t solve the whole problem but would bring relief to Kirkland commuters relying on Route 255.

Betsy Lewis, Kirkland