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In late June, I attended a neighborhood fair to urge my fellow Seattleites to sign a petition putting Initiative 1639 on the ballot this November. I have had enough of our nation’s inability to enact common-sense gun-safety laws to keep our kids and communities safe. We are the only nation that tolerates and accepts regular mass killings and does nothing to stop them.

Last week, a judge in Thurston County said that the petitions used to gather signatures were misleading. His conclusion: People didn’t understand what they were signing.

That was not my experience. Everyone who signed the petition that day knew exactly what and why they were signing. Of the dozens I talked to, only one person asked to see the law language, and he read it and then signed.

To throw out 380,000 signatures on absurd technical issues that are substantively irrelevant would be a blow to our democratic process.

I urge the justices of the Washington Supreme Court to overturn this absurd decision and let’s (finally) put this issue to a vote of the people in November.

John Lederer, Seattle