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Approval of Initiative 1366 is not doomsday for state revenue, as predicted [“Support for Eyman tax-cut measure waning in latest poll,” News, Oct. 20]. This is a scare tactic.

I-1366 does not cut taxes nor prevent the Legislature from increasing taxes. It requires a two-thirds majority to increase taxes or, alternately, a simple majority vote approval by citizens. Approval of this initiative would be the fourth attempt by voters to require greater legislative consensus on the need to raise taxes and gives voters more say on taxes.

Voters approved this same two-thirds majority rule in three previous tax-control initiatives by as much as 64 percent. The initiatives were either repealed by the Legislature or found unconstitutional, circumventing the will of the people three times. This initiative requires legislative enactment by constitutional amendment, giving assurance that the rule would withstand legal challenges.

Since the initiative requires the Legislature to either enact the two-thirds majority rule or to accept an annual decrease in state revenue, it is highly unlikely the Legislature would accept a tax reduction. Hence, no doomsday.

Vote for I-1366. Exercise more control over your taxes. Ignore the scare tactics.

Loyd D. Jacobs, Bellevue