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I am writing in response to the editorial “Seattle should use its business acumen on pressing issues, not pet projects.” We agree that Seattle needs to focus on its most pressing issues, and that is why Motivate proposed a plan that allows a bike share to move forward without an ongoing burden on city coffers.

Motivate would more than triple the size of Seattle’s bike-share program, leverage private sponsorship dollars to continue to grow or bring more electric bikes into the mix and do this with no ongoing public support for operations. This model has proved successful in nearby Portland. The public sector provided initial support for the capital costs, and Motivate provides funding for the ongoing operation of the program. Under this model, BIKETOWN ridership and membership in Portland is exceeding expectations with more than 100,000 trips in the first two months.

Motivate thinks Seattle deserves a world-class bike share. To get there requires a larger system, proven technology and a partner that knows how to leverage private resources to provide a robust new transportation asset without ongoing burden to taxpayers. We stand ready to make it happen.

Jay Walder, Brooklyn, N.Y.,
president & CEO of Motivate