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So the people of Renton are waking up to the bad decisions that Sound Transit has been making for the last 10 years [“Renton tired of waiting for Sound Transit,” Page One, May 26].

The logical route for serving Renton and the entire Eastside should be from the existing line through Renton and up the old railroad right of way on the Eastside and reconnecting with the north line close to where interstates 405 and 5 connect. This would serve most of the work and population centers on the Eastside and combined with bus rapid transit would give us functional public transportation at the least cost and disturbance to existing infrastructure.

If enough people make their voices heard before voting on $50 billion to support this continuing disaster, and all chances of public route input are lost, we could still get a functional, low-cost public-transportation system.

Richard Del Missier, Mercer Island