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The Women’s March in Olympia Jan. 21 began in front of the World War I Memorial.  The statue is a huge bronze sculpture, depicting a soldier from each branch of the military, along with a Red Cross nurse in front of the Greek goddess Nike, who is sending them off to war.

It reminded me that almost 100 years ago the U.S. was called off to help end a war in Europe and to promote peace among nations.   A statue commissioned today would be different.  Instead of a winged angel holding an olive branch, she would be holding a dollar sign.  The soldiers and nurse depicted in the statue would be in a circle instead of facing  Europe, symbolizing turning our back on the rest of the world and keeping out the poor, Muslims, Hispanics and  gay men and women, and forgetting that we need to take care not only of the oppressed but also the planet itself.

The march made me hopeful that there are enough good people to help make the U.S. a kinder world where we can be a beacon of light and justice to all and not become isolationists, putting profit above moral values.

Steve Pogge,  Olympia