It is unfortunate that Nickelsville leaders in the Northlake tiny-house village have been re-traumatizing the residents of that shelter [“Seattle plans to shutter homeless village that locked it out,” Oct. 30, A11].

These shelter residents, already traumatized by homelessness, many with significant health issues, have been put at further risk by arbitrary and capricious decisions, without provocation or just cause. Residents have been prevented from pursuing permanent housing or support for health services because of Nickelsville’s confrontational attitude toward a case manager, who has not been back to the village since August.

It is unacceptable to arbitrarily threaten someone with eviction from a shelter, to interfere with their efforts to move forward with their lives and to make them feel fearful for their safety. Shelter residents are traumatized enough. We want those living outdoors to be assisted and supported, not re-traumatized. It’s time to correct this dangerous and heartbreaking situation.

Theresa Barker, Seattle