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Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council are systematically ignoring the plight of not just the middle class but specifically senior homeowners who are trying to remain in their homes while living on fixed incomes and facing relentless tax increases. Murray and council members seem completely indifferent to the reality of seniors being gradually taxed out of their homes.

Second, and more insidiously, we are witnessing in Seattle the dangerous consequences of monolithic politics. When all levels of government think alike, productive dialogue ceases and political bankruptcy ensues.

Murray’s request for more money without providing one iota of a plan to actually solve homelessness exemplifies his myopic approach to government and his cynical assumption that Seattle’s citizens will approve the levy despite knowing no specifics.

We must not allow this to happen. All citizens, not just seniors, must resist Murray’s arrogance and demand a comprehensive, detailed plan to attack the homeless crisis before we approve one penny for his latest levy. To fail in this civic duty would be unconscionable.

Michael Shurgot, Seattle