Re: “About 1 in 5 students at community college here are homeless” [Feb. 26, A1]:

Why are we not building affordable housing on the (often) expansive community-college campuses? It seems as if there would be fewer hurdles in developing housing on these sites, as opposed to private-land acquisition. I look at North Seattle College, close to an expanding transit hub, as a logical candidate for such development. Since Washington state legislators at their last session approved $548,000 for a pilot program to study homelessness at four community colleges, I am hopeful that one idea might be on-campus housing.

My personal experience at community colleges was that I was surrounded by men and women, young and old, who were striving to lift themselves up professionally, and it seems logical to assist those who are economically challenged in this endeavor by providing housing in proximity to their school.

John Loacker, Seattle