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The City Council for some reason thinks that homeless people should be able to camp on city grounds, that we should not be able to evict them for days or until other shelter is found [“Don’t permit homeless camping in green spaces,” Opinion, Oct. 11].

On the surface this seems a logical way to house the growing homeless population. This is a real problem in our society. However, I do not agree with this.

I ramble in city parks, often going a bit into the unimproved areas to find the best nature moments. For me, that little bit of off-the-beaten-trail peace and quiet feeds my soul. In my rambling, I have encountered homeless people and the mess they generate in our parks.

This the current situation — when it is not legal for them to camp in the parks. Imagine what it would be like if they could legally camp in Lincoln, Westcrest, Fauntleroy, Discovery or Seward parks? I carry mace due to my concern in general, but this would make me more fearful of using the city’s gorgeous parks.

Many of the homeless are trying to beat out a living, but a lot are drug addicts and with mental illnesses. Do we want our children to encounter that and think of fear when they go to the park?

Please just say “no” to this ordinance. We need to find another way to help these folks.

Robin Adams, Seattle