This letter is regarding Steve Strachan’s op-ed “Real solutions to homelessness, addiction and crime require a balanced approach.”

I was particularly struck that Strachan’s “balanced approach” included no mention of safe injection sites. These sites are proven lifesavers, and reduce property crimes.

I’m afraid that Strachan’s “balanced approach” is nothing more that a continuation of our failed and wasteful “war on drugs” with a few minor tweaks.

One would think that given these facts, Strachan would be a strong supporter of safe injection sites to save lives and reduce crime.

It’s time to “think outside the box” and open safe injection sites.

Former Seattle Chief of Police Norm Stamper once said that all drugs should be legal with the possible exception of methamphetamine. He stated that legalization would cause many problems, but those problems would be only half of the problems caused by prohibition.

I wholeheartedly agree.

David Kissinger, Everett