Re: “Downtown Seattle: ‘Graffiti, trash, drugs and tents,’ ” May 30, Opinion]:

It makes me wonder if I should have renewed the 2021/22 season tickets for the Seattle Symphony. There is a huge entity needing people to come back to spend money to stay afloat.

My neighborhood and a crown-jewel park, Green Lake, continues to draw more large campers and tents with garbage mounting and generators running nonstop. I applaud the citizens who are trying to find more housing, but what to be done of those out on the street who may not even want housing if it means their drug problem and addiction gets in the way? It is amazing to me that billionaires who own successful businesses right here don’t do more to help in their own backyard.

And why should we vote for those in office to be advanced in their political careers or reelected when they have continued to blame the problem on outside influences? It is their job to have worked toward a solution over the past six years, which clearly, they haven’t.

John Hargarten, Seattle