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Regarding the Feb. 14 article reporting on U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez’s ruling allowing the homeless-camp sweeps to continue, reasonable people driving through Seattle can immediately see the need for this action [“Judge rules Seattle homeless-camp sweeps to continue,”].

The huge piles of trash, largely from impromptu homeless encampments, are an appalling display on full view for everyone driving on I-5. While I am sympathetic to the travails of homelessness, and support government programs to provide shelter to alleviate this problem, the rest of us should not be subject to both the unsightliness, the filth and the dangers posed by these Third World-like encampments, surrounded by heaps of trash.

Why aren’t more Seattle residents equally appalled? Why aren’t they deeply embarrassed? What an awful “advertisement” about Seattle’s “livability” to both residents and visitors.

Jonathan Ryweck, Mountlake Terrace