Re: “Another record-breaking spike in home prices: See how Seattle compares to the rest of the U.S.” [July 27, Business]:

Homes are selling for more than ever in Seattle. Some of these are second homes owned by people wanting, with reason, perhaps, to cash in on today’s high prices. Some renters living in them have paid rent faithfully but are not protected under eviction moratoriums.

My longtime freelance gardener works full time, as does his wife. They have four small children. The owner of their house lives in Everett and gave them two months notice, ending July 31, to move so she could sell the house. Fair enough. But they have been completely unable to find any three-bedroom house in the area that they can afford to rent. I have witnessed weekly his despair, his beaten-down look as they have found nothing affordable which is safe and not in severe disrepair. This week, they move into two rooms in his parent-in-laws’ small house.

This is only one family of many in the same boat, but not all have relatives willing and able to take them in. What can be done about this? Owners have the right to sell houses at an optimum time, but the Seattle area doesn’t need more families, otherwise solvent, living out of cars or in tents.

Philippa Kiraly, Seattle