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The Times published an article about Highline School District’s issues limiting out-of-school suspensions [“Highline district struggles with fallout after limiting student suspensions,” Local News, Sept. 11]. I have worked at Highline High School for 13 years, and I know for a fact that for most of our school staff who moved on last year, suspension policy was not the reason.

Limiting out-of-school suspensions is the right thing to do, but it is hard work and implementation takes time. Superintendent Susan Enfield has put more resources toward educating teachers and re-engagement specialists to get it right. Our students will benefit from staying in school.

It’s time to start focusing on the positive and give credit to those who are staying and working to create a positive, healthy culture. Our graduation rate has increased to 73 percent and we have set a goal to reach 95 percent by 2026. Our students are known by name, strength and needs, and fewer of them are slipping through the cracks. Our teachers are highly qualified and deserve credit for working with students who others give up on.

As a proud parent, employee and alumni of Highline Public Schools, I urge people to see the positive in our district and support our staff who believe in the bold changes we are making.

Lori Box, Burien