Re: “Aftermath of acquittal: Trump ousts Sondland, Vindman” [Feb. 8, A1]:

In American military history, there is a long list of heroes, men and women in the service who are willing to sacrifice for their country. These sacrifices are not just in battle. Some have risked their reputations and careers standing up to wrongheaded policies and misguided leadership in areas such as racism, sexism, war crimes and illegal activities.

It is in the spirit of these heroes that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman risked his career and reputation to testify to Congress about what he believed was a violation of the law.

We need more Vindmans who see their duty to follow the rule of law and to the Constitution rather than a political ideology, and who salute the flag not for empty recitations of nationalism but for the true values for which the flag stands.

Give us more Vindmans, and we will survive the onslaught against facts and truth that has divided us so tragically against one another.

James Nystrom, Bothell