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Re: ” ‘Like terrain for a Jeep obstacle course’: the enduring mystery of why Seattle can’t fix its roads”:

I moved to West Seattle in August from Southern California. I drive down 35th Avenue Southwest four times every weekday, and I am amazed at how poor the streets are here. I understand that rain and cold weather wreak havoc on payment, but this place is ridiculous.

I hit cracks, holes and depressions almost the entire way I drive on 35th Avenue Southwest. I also drive on California Avenue Southwest in my weekday travels, and it is no better than 35th Avenue Southwest. My car is taking a pounding, and I can only imagine how quickly my tires will be broken down and how my alignment is going to get out of whack in time.

I challenge any person who works in the department that is responsible for the streets in Seattle to drive their own private car down 35th Avenue Southwest and California Avenue Southwest and then tell the citizens that the roads are just fine. It’s a daily challenge to try and drive around the holes, cracks and depressions. I would be happy if just the little holes that are directly in the line of my car’s wheels in the lanes were filled.

Help me help my car!

Joseph Berlin, Seattle