Re: “Durkan signs into law a new tax on the sale of home heating oil”:

Nobody wants to heat their home with oil. Those of us who do can’t afford to convert or we would already have done so. Seattle’s new tax of 24 cents per gallon will create a hardship on low- to mid-income people.

Even with a rebate, I cannot afford to replace my oil furnace with gas or electric due to more pressing house repairs.

This new tax will cost me hundreds of dollars more each winter to heat my home, money that could have been spent on saving to replace my oil furnace. It is draconian for Seattle to pay for the lowest-income residents to upgrade by taxing people just one step up on the income ladder.

This is no soda tax. Heat is a necessity. In a state with the most regressive tax structure in the nation, Seattle’s steep tax on oil heat is the most regressive policy yet.

Diane Nielsen, Seattle