In our recent, unprecedented heat wave, our transmission system on the Eastside of Lake Washington was strained more than it has ever been. There were pockets of outages throughout the Eastside, and Puget Sound Energy (PSE) did a good job in the intense heat dealing with these outages quickly and safely.

We were lucky. With more days like this in our future — our “new normal” — we must upgrade our transmission capacity on the Eastside to avoid rolling blackouts and/or a catastrophic failure that could take the system down for weeks. PSE has the solution — the Energize Eastside project. This project will upgrade our decades-old transmission system to meet the demands from growth we have seen on the Eastside since the 1960s and the growth we know is coming.

The demand is real. We just experienced the most intense heat our region has ever seen, and we know more is coming. We need to build the Energize Eastside project as soon as possible to protect our businesses, our health care facilities and all Eastside residents.

Bernadene (Bernie) Dochnahl, Renton, chair, CURE (Communities United for Reliable Energy)