The idea of creating a Civilian Climate Corps along the lines of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps is a much needed breath of fresh air during this time of fearful heat waves and worry about future forest fires [“Civilian Climate Corps would be a win-win for climate and equity,” July 7, Opinion].

FDR’s Corps provided infrastructure jobs for underemployed American workers. The currently proposed Civilian Climate Corps would provide jobs designed to reduce carbon emissions, enable transitions to renewable energy, implement projects with proven climate benefits and help build healthier communities.

Op-Ed author KC Golden stated that despite a whopping 77% of the American public supporting a CCC, President Joe Biden’s mini version of the CCC slated to employ 30,000 to 40,000 people per year was dropped in the bipartisan infrastructure negotiations.

If we stop emphasizing how the CCC would create more equity and just focus on how we all need to fight climate change together, no matter what income bracket or which political party one falls into, there would be less bipartisan bickering.

This would translate into more coming together for productive action so that all of us and our offspring will have a better chance of surviving climate change.

Annette Peizer, Seattle