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Save Medicaid

I wholeheartedly agree with your editorial that there’s a lot at stake if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. But one thing that continues to be overlooked is access to mental-health care and substance-use treatment.

The expansion of Medicaid has made these critical services available to low-income people like never before. Providing mental-health and substance-use treatment to all is an essential part of lowering health-care costs.

Cuts to Medicaid could result in millions of people with untreated behavioral-health issues. If lowering costs is truly a goal of any health-care bill, it must maintain the progress we’ve made with Medicaid.

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Brian Allender, M.D., Federal Way


It’s our duty

Americans have a very poor sense of duty. President Donald Trump’s followers’ rejection of the mandate to buy health insurance is indicative of the lack of this trait.

In my mind, physically fit and healthy individuals should take care of the injured, sick, disabled and aged. The mandate is a way of creating a system under which this occurs.

Individualism, although responsible for much human progress, fails to acknowledge tribal roots. Under tribalism, there is the one and the whole. The whole has a duty to the one and the one has a duty to the whole.

Americans need to discover a sense of duty. The mandate to buy health insurance is a good place to start.

Dale McCracken, Renton