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I was so happy to read the Op-Ed regarding rebooting the health-care system.

Until our system allows people to use insurance for alternative pain solutions, the majority of people will not try them. Until physicians recommend patients try nondrug options first, people will not try them. Until it becomes mainstream education in the medical universities, people will not try them. And they do, in fact, work for a huge subset of the population that moves past their fear of alternative therapies and also has the funds to pay for it.

I have had wonderful success with nutrition, acupuncture, a chiropractor and massage for nine years when drugs were first suggested to me. It was more difficult and took longer than taking drugs, but it was the best choice for me.

As a society, we have to move past the quick-fix-drug model and teach a model of nurturing our bodies back to health, focusing on physical causes and potential healing modalities instead of covering up symptoms.

Kudos to the integrated pain physicians who are exploring this.

Laurel Hair, Kirkland