Thank you to Dr. Benjamin Danielson for his Op-Ed “Advanced RN practitioners deserve equitable reimbursement” [Jan. 5, Opinion]:

It is so gratifying to have the support of a physician for nurses who have gone on for additional advanced training. These nurses are very capable and deserve equal pay for equal work. When this training first started, I was skeptical of nurses wanting to become mini-doctors. However, I have come to believe that these nurses fill a vital role and are well qualified to diagnose, treat and know when to refer.

I am a nurse of the old school, starting as a staff nurse at Children’s Orthopedic Hospital on Queen Anne Hill in 1952 and moving to Laurelhurst in 1953. I rode in an ambulance with a polio patient in an iron lung! I have a long work history at Seattle Children’s and hope that they are no longer discriminating in their practice. Dr. Danielson has been in the forefront of bringing this problem to light, and I admire his fortitude.

Peggy Pomeroy, RN, BS, retired, Mercer Island