Re: “5 health care jobs on the rise” [April 28, Careers]:

This article overlooked a nursing specialty that focuses on a specific critical need of our senior population, which is also often ignored. Foot Care Nurses have been practicing for decades and may be the world’s “best kept secret.” Individuals who can no longer reach or see their feet, or may not have the proper implements, strength or skill to do self foot care would benefit from the skills of a trained Foot Care Nurse.

Many podiatrists do not provide routine foot care in their busy surgical practices. Professional Foot Care Nurses receive advance education and hands-on training to address seniors’ complex medical issues while helping to restore comfort, balance, safety and mobility. Many senior centers and long-term care facilities use FCN’s routinely. Those who are mobility challenged may contact the American Foot Care Nurses Association to “Find A Foot Care Nurse” who does home visits in your vicinity at

On behalf of Foot Care Nurses worldwide, thank you for putting your feet in our hands.

Bonnie Ackles, RN, CFCS, Edmonds