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Re “Amazon, Starbucks back foes of head tax”:

Corporations recently got a substantial tax cut on the federal level. The largest corporations keep copious amounts money overseas, so they are not taxed on that income. Washington state does not have a capital-gains tax or an income tax. Over the years, my husband, our friends and I have voted to tax ourselves multiple times for the betterment of our community. The City of Seattle has invested millions of our tax money in infrastructure improvements for business, particularly in downtown and South Lake Union.

Our country, although not perfect, was growing and vibrant in the past when corporations were taxed much more on income, when the wealthy paid higher taxes. Please do not talk to me about the “job creators” — too many have been shipped overseas, and they obviously have not created enough jobs here at a living wage (homelessness).

Most of the super wealthy do not care about the Seattle community except if they can get good PR by their charitable giving.

Cindy Cole, Seattle