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Please reject the Seattle head tax. If you want a surefire way to push jobs outside our city, a head tax is a good way to do it.

I dislike some of the challenges of living in a thriving city, such as the cost of living and traffic, but Seattle is a powerhouse in terms of jobs. Please do not change that.

Tech companies want to get started here. Companies move offices here to be close to bigger tech companies. We have a ton of businesses that provide non-tech services to these companies.

How many cities charge a head tax on their biggest employers? Amazon paid more than $250 million dollars in state and local taxes last year [“Amazon paid $250 million in state, local taxes in 2017, source says,” Page One, May 10].

The Seattle Head Tax is like slaughtering the cash cow for a dinner, instead of milking it for years.

Please get Seattle’s finances in order before mismanaging more of it. Perhaps the city can cut back on some bike lanes to pay for homeless services and affordable housing — 6.25 miles ought to cover it.

Dillon Cady, Seattle