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Thank you for your thoughtful coverage of the visit of Nagasaki survivor Mitsugi Moriguchi to Hanford’s B Reactor. I want him to know that many graduates of Richland High School (formerly Columbia High School) are deeply offended by the exaltation of the mushroom cloud as our school symbol and our identification as the “Richland Bombers.” Tens of thousands of Japanese civilians were killed by atomic bombs in order to end the Second World War with fuel that was made at the B Reactor. Mr. Moriguchi was very brave to visit that site and to speak out about the symbols that remain in Richland from that terrible time.

My classmates and I visited the B Reactor for the first time this past year as part of our 50th reunion. The horrors of the Japanese people were not the focus of this tour, but instead it was the immense creativity and hard work of our fathers at Hanford as part of the Manhattan Project and Cold War warriors. We have suffered, too, as their children, with thyroid diseases and cancers likely caused by radioactive emissions, according to our government. We mourn with you, Mr. Moriguchi.

Jane Harty, Seattle