The unique culture of American gun violence has taken the lives of yet another 19 children — young, innocent elementary-aged children. Pleas from some political figures and from parents of other murdered children once again echo previous clarion calls for reasonable background checks and stricter regulation of military assault weapons and ghost guns. With the House already passing bills for reasonable laws, the Senate (Mitch McConnell) has blocked their passage in the Senate and he will continue to do so.

However, there is another way. If the majority of NRA members demand reasonable changes (and most support them) and use their annual dues and donations as leverage, there might be a chance for action this time. If members can impact NRA’s financial bottom line, that will impact the money they can use to insist that politicians support the ongoing proliferation of guns and the culture of American gun violence. So how about it, NRA members? Will you take action to save the next 10 or 20 children from an untimely death?

Betsy Coddington, Port Townsend