Re: “Senate OKs landmark gun violence bill, House passage is next” [June 23, Nation]:

The federal gun-control legislation slaps a Band-Aid on a deep, gaping wound that requires multiple stitches on multiple layers of tissue. The fact that military-style assault weapons are available to ordinary citizens is outrageous and is directly responsible for mass slaughters.

Since the Supreme Court has refused to acknowledge the word “militia” in the Second Amendment, the only recourse is to repeal it. Sadly, we do not have the necessary 34 states willing to ratify that repeal.

So the slaughter will continue. The gun makers and sellers will continue to get rich, and the NRA will continue to collect millions from its gun-obsessed constituents.

The only thing we can do now is to pray that our child’s school, the stores where we shop and the places where we worship don’t join the ranks of the American killing fields.

Ken Brown, Brier