Re: “Latest measles case 9th in region”:

Daily reports tell of the public-health issue related to the spread of measles. Of greater concern to me is the number of deaths and injuries due to the other public-health crisis that we face: gun violence. The Virginia Beach shooting Friday killed 12, critically injured four, and traumatized co-workers, family and friends for a lifetime.

Every day, 100 Americans are killed with guns and hundreds more are shot and injured, according to Everytown­ According to data compiled by Public Health — Seattle & King County, between 2013-15, 118 Washington state children under the age of 17 died by suicide (40% using firearms) and in 2015, 308 state residents were hospitalized for nonfatal gun injuries.

What makes nine cases of measles newsworthy while 118 deaths and 308 wounded are not? Why aren’t we addressing this health crisis?

Jennifer Dolan-Waldman, Seattle, Grandmothers Against Gun Violence