I have seen, all too often, the phrase “thoughts and prayers” in reference to gun violence. I learned some time ago that when you pray, you must be prepared to take action to help. We can send good thoughts and pray, but we must follow that with genuine action. That action may not be easy, but unless we act, more of our children will die.

I don’t see solving gun violence as having only a single solution. It will take a multilayered approach where keeping weapons out of the hands of those who would do harm is of utmost importance. The person who murdered those children in Texas had no record that kept him from owning a gun. So there must be another layer to how a gun can be obtained.

For those of you who would only raise a weapon to hunt or to protect yourself and others, isn’t it worth a little inconvenience to prevent the deaths of innocent children? And if you are willing to pray, shouldn’t you also be willing to do what a higher power prompts you to do?

Lindsay Hobson, Kirkland