Re: “Legislature, enact sensible gun control now” [March 26, Opinion]”

Kudos to the editorial board for urging the Washington Legislature to act this session to reduce gun violence and save lives.

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence has been working since 2013 to accomplish this goal. There have been giant steps forward through mandating background checks for gun purchases and establishing red flag laws. These advances were made through the initiative process, and the people of Washington state have shown that they overwhelmingly favor gun-safety measures.

There are some committed gun-sense champions in the Legislature, yet, with respect to banning assault weapons and limiting high capacity-magazines, the Legislature has been unwilling to act — despite state Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s proposal of these measures three years in a row. Whether this absence of political will is to keep a slim legislative majority or to avoid getting vulnerable legislators on the record with their votes, the inaction is intolerable.

How many lives have been lost over the last three years because of this political calculus? And how many more lives will be lost if you don’t act now?

Judy McBroom, Seattle, past co-chair, Grandmothers Against Gun Violence