Every morning, when my son and wife leave for school, I tell them I love them and wonder if I will ever see them alive again. I worry about school shootings, of some troubled individual bringing an AR-15 to school.

And I know that no gun-safety legislation will ever be enacted because in the polarized world of today, there is no world where 60 senators will have the courage to enact gun-safety laws. As long as the filibuster stands, no legislation will pass through our Senate. This is not functional government. Our U.S. senators stand strong for so many important issues, but they have yet to speak loudly around abolishing the filibuster.

Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray must speak publicly and constantly about the abolishment of the filibuster and use their influence to get others in the Senate to follow suit. We cannot let antiquated procedural rules be the reason our communities remain in danger. Please write your senators and join me in this demand.

Adam Lemcio, Snohomish