I appreciate how LZ Granderson digs into the complex web of problems related to the U.S. gun industry in his column, “A good story vs. the whole story about our gun culture” [July 15, Opinion].

We need more reporting and research like this: from the impact gun smuggling has on neighboring countries, to the absurd worship of guns/God/country in our country, to the impact of millions more guns sold since the Jan. 6 domestic terrorist attack (starting with how the majority of U.S. suicides are gun-related). There are many layers, but all point to the need for stricter gun laws, starting with universal background checks.

I also want to lift up that in the two incidents Granderson cites, where potential terrorist gun attacks were averted, one in a Denver hotel and the other in a Chicago hotel, it was the hotel housekeepers who saved the day. They deserve medals of honor for saving lives.

The Rev. Katy Lloyd, Seattle