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Ban is not solution

While tragic, guns are not the issue in recent shootings, it is the individuals involved. After the killing of pedestrians in New York, should we ban rental trucks? Clearly there are serious mental issues, as well as a breakdown in making sure that those convicted of serious crimes are stopped from obtaining firearms.

When Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, was there an outcry to ban ammonium nitrate fertilizer? Banning anything is not the solution. Better controls and mental-health treatments would go much further in reducing these tragic events.

Ron Hopper, Carnation

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Do the right thing

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing — after they’ve tried everything else.”

Well are we there yet? Are we finally ready to try the right thing? To implement some meaningful measure of responsible gun control to at least attempt to prevent not only the next horrific mass shooting but equally horrific daily shootings, suicides and accidents? No? Then we are accused of standing face to face with each future victim saying, “Your life, you loved one’s life, is not important enough to try and save by doing the right thing.”

Don Neifert, Woodinville


Amend the Second

It has been suggested that the Democratic Party make gun control a major issue for the 2018 and 2020 elections to stop the ever increasing carnage of gun deaths. The following rules could be incorporated into a proposed piece of legislation as a clarification of the Second Amendment:

  1. Gun registration should be introduced using a similar database process to automobile registration, i.e., every gun should have a registration number. When a gun is sold either privately or through a gun shop, the owner of the gun is identified. Sale of a gun should follow the automobile process, i.e., change of ownership is registered.
  2. The database of who is not allowed to own a gun — felons, domestic abusers, mentally impaired, etc. — should be strengthened and used before the sale.
  3. People listed as not allowed to purchase a gun but attempting to do so should be interviewed as to their reason for trying to make the purchase.
  4. Each person should be allowed to own a maximum of two guns, one for hunting, the other for self protection, unless filing a formal request for additional guns.
  5. Military-style assault weapons should be banned.

Jon Parkinson, Mercer Island


Victims’ health care

Another mass shooting, and you don’t want to talk about gun control? Fine, let’s talk about the bigger crime — health care in America. Once the press moves on from the crisis, a second tragedy affects the victims: financial ruin from medical bills.

All those gunshot victims are being treated at medical facilities, and they are going to get billed for it, huge bills. Even those who have coverage may not receive what they need (wheelchairs, physical therapy, etc.).

We may not be able to prevent senseless tragedies like what happened in Las Vegas and Texas, but our elected officials can make sure that we don’t add to victims’ trauma with a health-care system that wipes them out financially. They have been through enough.

Kate Miller, Carnation