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Thank you for your article about the gun violence prevention legislation that failed to pass the Legislature this session [“Gun-law activists miss target as Olympia holsters most bills,” Local News, March 13].

Growing up, we always kept an eye on my younger brother. He was deeply depressed for years, spent all day in his room and barely interacted with other people. We all worried about him, and we didn’t yet understand how to help. I learned recently that my parents coordinated their schedules so one was always home with him in case he chose to hurt himself. I can’t imagine what they were going through, thinking that their son might be a danger to himself.

Had my brother owned a weapon, I don’t know what would have happened. I’m so glad he didn’t. But in our efforts to keep our families safe, I think that there should be some recourse to allow close family members and friends to remove access to weapons if a person is in crisis.

I’m very disappointed that this lifesaving legislation died in committee. I really think that our representatives can do better, and I thank you again for covering this important issue.

Lisa Nikodem, Seattle