Re: “Farm country may feed America, but its grocery stores are scarce” [Nov. 7, A4]: I’ve had a career in the food industry in the Pacific Northwest and have been witness to the great age of consolidation at the food retail, distributor, manufacturing and agriculture sectors. Making food more plentiful, less expensive and more diverse is an art continually practiced — but the results don’t seem to add up. In our age of abundant food production, hunger is a great problem. Businesses as fundamental as grocery stores close or teeter on the brink. Agriculture-based communities shrivel on the vine.

Replacing our formerly stable neighborhood institutions are corporate foods, corporate farms and corporate banks.

It’s inspiring to read of communities building their own solutions. More perspective can be found in the recent book “Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-Ops in the Age of Grocery Giants” by Jon Steinman.

Buy local and join with your neighbors in crafting solutions.

Joe Wade, Tukwila