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This mother is performing a heroic service for all of us. In keeping her dead calf on the surface as she grieves, she is showing us just what we are doing with our polluting, depleting fish stocks and insensitivity to our fellow creatures.

Soon, of course, she will let the dead calf’s carcass fall to the bottom where it will be out of sight. What will we do then? There are plenty of reasons to think we will just forget, and our Puget Sound orcas will continue to fade into memory.

Can we, as caring human beings of all political persuasions, agree on definite, effective actions to turn the health of Puget Sound around? Surely, there must be some common ground we can agree on. I cannot believe that anyone — Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives — is not deeply moved by this one very visible story that is repeated many times each day out of our sight and media attention.

We would all rejoice in seeing a healthy Puget Sound where our native species thrive.

Len Bordeaux, Seattle