Re: “Seattle moves forward with Green Lake bike trail” [Sept. 13, Local News]:

Every day, traffic projects are underway to help goods and people move quickly — and safely — from Point A to Point B. Case in point: The Green Lake Outer Loop, which is currently the focus of revision by the Seattle Department of Transportation. As the statewide professional association representing truck drivers, Washington Trucking Associations (WTA) urges the city’s transportation planners to continue putting safety at the forefront. Although we are not taking a formal position on this project, we can say that for a revision to be a success, it must ensure the safe flow of all traffic, in all forms.

One hundred years ago, when the WTA was in its infancy, the vehicles and obstacles looked a bit different on the streets of Seattle. Safety was our priority then, and remains our top priority today — for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers of all vehicles.

Sheri Call, president/CEO, Washington Trucking Associations, Olympia