I think green cards should not be denied to immigrants who use public benefits.

America is a gifted country: gifted with freedom, natural beauty and economic success.

As a generous and grateful people, we must share the bounty of our nation with less fortunate peoples of the world.

Initially, the less fortunate will require subsidies such as food stamps, language instruction and skills training, but their future outcome will be a grateful, productive citizenry that will pay taxes, pay into Social Security, supply workers for our fields, enrich our culture and rejuvenate our small towns.

The United States benefited from immigration from Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Initially, those immigrants, too, required support from subsidies, but they helped increase productivity and sparked innovative enterprises.

In the same way, we will benefit from immigrants from Asia, Latin America and Africa if they are given a chance.

Joyce Marie Farrell, Seattle