I agree the present immigration system is severely broken and needs to be fixed. We desperately need to revise how we view this issue. Unfortunately, the present administration, through its overt vitriol and racism, has only polarized this issue. It has become one of either hate or love.

What is missing is a reasoned and evidence-based approach. We must not become the world’s social worker, yet many feel we need to do just that. One critical item missing from the discussion is the effect of excessive immigration on our environment. The United States has the world’s largest carbon footprint per capita of the world’s largest economies. Increasing this is not the way to deal with climate change. Climate change also has had a disastrous effect on this country’s citizens, and we the citizens and taxpayers need more of the shrinking budget to help us before helping outsiders. Our nation has become poorer and all one has to do is to look at the deficit to see this.

We must use available funding for programs aimed at U.S. citizens and not those wishing to immigrate here.

Jack M. Pedigo, Lopez Island