Workers are leaving jobs in search of others that provide satisfaction and economic security. This is a movement. If the U.S. is the most successful country economically, why aren’t all people sharing equally in all its success? It’s been the same old story since this country’s inception; exploit the worker for greater profits to the owners.

Inequality is at the very core of our country. A labor movement is long overdue. Corporations do not and will not share equally with the worker unless workers rebel. Unions are a great idea if corruption is held at bay. But big money corrupts. Money has energized a dichotomy, too much and too little, with workers left behind. Is a gig worker better off? Maybe. Do you think the minimum wage of $2.13 an hour is fair today? That’s the federal minimum wage for tipped employees.

Everyone deserves fair pay for fair effort and a share in this greatest economy. You should be able to buy that needed new pair of shoes or pants or a shirt that you’ve washed a thousand times. You deserve fairness, so take it. Slavery wasn’t abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment; it was transmogrified.

Bravo to the rebellious workers.

Roger Wagner, Port Angeles