America desperately needs a stronger, larger, more robust government.

The threats against the working class and Planet Earth are dire and dangerous. Historic floods, droughts, massive forest fires with toxic smoke and a pandemic have breached our sense of security and stability. Made worse is the concentration of wealth and record levels of homelessness as the middle class implodes into despair. It appears that every pillar of our civilized society is under attack, creating a sense of hopelessness and mental anguish.

Clearly, the only entity that can save us from ourselves is government. Government is the core foundation of any civilized society. Without it we have chaos. For decades government has been under chronic attacks. President Ronald Reagan was the most effective with his famous quote, “Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.”

In reality, government is the solution, the private sector has been the problem. Overdeveloping our planet to satisfy the excess wants of individuals and greater profits for businesses without regard to the environment and workers has reached the tipping point. Clearly, an unchecked private sector is the problem. The only solution is a robust government with a compassionate and compliant private sector. It’s the only solution.

Dennis Michaels, Bothell