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As a primary-care pediatrician, I greatly appreciated Bob Young’s summary of the GOP health-care plan.

There is little surprise their proposed plans include eliminating Medicaid expansion and the individual mandate. However, the House bill also proposes radical decreases to Medicaid funding.

The proposed per capita Medicaid state grants would result in millions fewer dollars for Washington citizens. Our state would have to make significant reductions in the number of poor children and disabled adults receiving coverage, to levels even lower than before Obamacare. Coupled with large-scale reductions in covered individuals, we would also see reductions in preventive services.

Medicaid is an American legislative success story. It came into law with bipartisan support, and 95 percent of kids nationwide have health insurance coverage largely thanks to Medicaid. In Washington state, one out of every two kids is insured by Medicaid. In my own practice, a sizable percentage of kids are insured through Medicaid.

I am certain that the electorate did not intend for the federal government to gut Medicaid, taking us far backward in providing medical coverage for Washington children.

Rupin Thakkar, M.D., Seattle