Re: “Stop sacrificing Indigenous sacred sites in the name of climate change” [Sept. 25, Opinion]:

As president of the Longview/Kelso Building and Construction Trades Council, I would like to express my frustration after reading the Op-Ed regarding the pumped storage project in Goldendale and the authors’ disregarding of critical information about the proposal. The authors included some legitimate concerns, but Goldendale will be an important link in meeting our climate goals. Furthermore, Washington’s labor force has decades of experience in environmentally responsible practices.

This same labor force would benefit from the Goldendale project, bringing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to Klickitat County. The economic boost supports local infrastructure, schools and libraries while helping to meet our climate goals. Goldendale’s utility-scale storage offers 1,200 megawatts of storage for nearby wind and solar. By boosting these sources’ reliability, Goldendale would help eliminate nearly 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Additionally, the closed system incorporates hydropower without requiring additional dams.

Extreme weather highlights the urgency of our clean-energy transition. The Goldendale project would help our workforce while implementing sustainable practices to minimize ecological impact. This project is an important solution to our region’s economical and energy needs.

Mike Bridges, Longview